Journal Entry from 17th of March 2015

17th March 2015

Last night I went to bed with such a high vibration that I was able to see the edge of the non physical. It was beautiful and magnificent!!

There was a feeling of love and acceptance. It was warm, yet not too warm. There was a soft glowing light that left me with a huge smile on my face. It was really amazing to me. It is like since I have 'allowed' the natural flow, that all these wonderful secrets have been given up to me. I truly do feel blessed for all that I am and all that I receive.

Universal Meditating BuddhaEverything that I have experienced on my journey has lead me to this point. I stand in the light and welcome my non-physical Guides here along side me in the physical.

There is much work to be done, and you're merely at the beginning of your journey. Trust in the Process, the answers are all there. You want to attract good people into your life that understand who you are, or at the very least are open and non-judgemental. You want to attract the appropriate situations to study and improve your craft.  To gain a level of mastery in understanding.

You want to attract the experiences that money can not buy, and also the money and the resources that enable you to make a difference in peoples lives, including your own. You want to attract and maintain situations that provide a high vibration that will continually pull you toward what you want.

You want to attract nice cars, nice homes, nice people loving and grateful children. You want to attract great family getaways. You want to attract the best version of 'Self' on a consistent basis.

You want to attract the love and unconditional light of all your Non-Physical Guides for your Journey...


By Andrew Hawkes

About the AuthorAndrew-Hawkes

Andrew Hawkes is an Author and Speaker on the topic of Personal Attraction and Spiritual Intuition. He has honed, and Continues to refine his natural ability to connect with source energy and the non-physical. Although Reluctant to call himself a healer, Andrew is well attuned to spirit energy and the different effects it has on people and applies a workshop type approach to working through any blockages, or energies, that may be present..

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