The Truth about Success. Lately I have been doing a lot of contemplating, a lot of getting really quiet and out of my head. I have gone within and listened to my 'sixth sense' . I have been receiving some amazing vibrational frequencies that have consistently reassured me that I am finally in alignment with where I am supposed to be. That is not to say I have not been close to being in alignment previously, merely that now is the right time... NOW I am poised for the success and happiness that I know I deserve. You know what... you, and in fact everybody, deserves to have it.

So what is the truth about success? Well, as best as I can determine, it is happiness. When you are truly happy and at one with yourself and the world, you have "achieved" Success.

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it ~ Maya Angelou

That is all good and well, but what does it all really mean? It is all a little esoteric. There are countless accounts of fabulously rich people, who on the surface, for all intents and purposes appear 'successful', yet when quizzed about how they feel, they are unhappy, some have even said that they would trade it all for happiness. On the flip side of the equation, there are accounts of people, who, by societies gauge, are below the poverty line who are incredibly happy, they are content and grateful for all that they have and all that they are. This could be considered success. By many it is, by others its not.

In all of my stillness and awareness, I experienced (and continue to enjoy) a connection with source energy (the non-physical), it was in this space that I an experience the likes of which I have never had before, something that I will forever cherish. I listened, and I heard, I saw my truth, my path of alignment. For the first time, in my memory, I loved the person who I was. I accepted my faults, I accepted my magnificence, and I accepted the world and the people around me. It is not about changing anyone, or anything. The truth about success  is this, until you are able to love and accept yourself, you will never achieve true success. You will be forever trapped in a dogma imposed by others.

The good news is this, self love and acceptance, is there for anyone and everyone, as is the connection to a higher source. All you have to do is ask for it, there is only one person that you need to be better than, and that is the person you were yesterday.

All success big or small, stems from one thing... how you feel about yourself. Plain and simple.



By Andrew Hawkes

About the AuthorAndrew-Hawkes

Andrew Hawkes is an Author and Speaker on the topic of Personal Attraction and Spiritual Intuition. He has honed, and Continues to refine his natural ability to connect with source energy and the non-physical. Although Reluctant to call himself a healer, Andrew is well attuned to spirit energy and the different effects it has on people and applies a workshop type approach to working through any blockages, or energies, that may be present..

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