Who is Zoran?

Who is Zoran? I'll get to that, however I want to cover a couple of things first.

Hey there,  I am not sure why right now, tonight (8pm as I write) I was told that now was the right time, however here I am.

Since the start of the 39th year on in this lifetime, I have been receiving 'givings' from a non-physical guide named Zoran... Who-is-ZoranIn fact I have been receiving these 'givings'  for years and not understood or recognised them as such every before. This is something that I have spoken, and written about briefly before. Now I want to (he wants me to) introduce him to you and how I found him and what that all means. Writing is where I first met Zoran, however I didn't know it till five years later, yet when I go back through Journals I see his presence is much of what I have written, including Rivers of Gold, my first book.

The world is made up of energy, energy is everything, everything has a vibration, a frequency. Much the same as a tuner in a transceiver is able to pick up radio waves and pull sounds from them, when that transceiver is dialled into the correct frequency, we too can tap into the vibrational frequency of 'things'. As with radio, there are messages that come, or in my case 'givings' that allow us to tap into source energy.

Source energy is all around us, it is eternal and ever present. Source energy is what gives life and continues after death. It is what the universe 'is'. In this source energy is all the knowledge and wisdom of the 'collective conscious'. Of all that have come before, and all that will come after. All the lessons that have been, or ever will be. Its like google... only deeper.

This Source Energy that is all around us, it is everywhere, we all have an access to it, you, me, everybody. All we have to do to access this, is ask. The answers are there, however they don't always come in the way we might expect them too. For me I didn't really recognise them to begin with, they came in the most subtle of ways. I was scared and very much unsure of what exactly it was that I was receiving.  Using our radio analogy again, unless you are matched at the vibrational frequency of that source energy, you are not likely to 'hear the music'.

For years I have sensed a connection, yet never really stopped and got present to any of the questions I was unconsciously asking of the universe. I was aware of The Law of Attraction and had experienced it sporadically over the years (probably because I dabbled with it sporadically).  I have always been aware that people had clairvoyant abilities and that there was an 'other side'. It was something that I intuitively knew. I could (and can still) always sense when spirit was (is) near and when there was something that was supposed to be relayed, I just never knew how.

It was not until a read something that it all unlocked and started to unravel, now also please bear in mind that this is something that I am still coming to terms with, I am still working out the subtleties of the 'givings' I receive and how they serve, me and the others that they are intended for. The difference between now, and years prior, is that I now recognise (sometimes I still miss them) the subtleties and nuances.

From what I read, I meditated, and I asked, I simply ask, who is my guide. While we do have many guides throughout our lives, this one was different. I have read many things about peoples non-physical guides, probably the best known would be Abraham and Esther Hicks says that Abraham has been described to her as a collective of consciousness, not one single entity, of both feminine and masculine energy. I got an answer incredibly quickly to my question, I was operating at the time at such a high vibrational state that it was almost instantaneous (although I was meditating, so it could have taken longer than I recall), as it came so quick, I dismissed it as ego telling me what I wanted to hear.I heard nothing else during that mediation.

I was at squash on the Monday night, two days after this mediation session. When all of a sudden I got a 'feeling' that I should google the name that I was given during that meditation. So I did, and what I found was amazing, the name that I had been given was of course Zoran which is of Persian origin and means Fearless Leader, not implying that I was fearless, moreover letting me know that I had to be fearless in my own life an move forward with what I was being told, with power and assist others to experience source energy too, at varying levels. Having only read of a few people who had had similar experiences, I thought this non-physical guide was 'supposed' to be a collective and of no particular sex, due to this I tried to talk about Zoran as 'it' or 'they'. Every time I did, I got a very clear 'giving' that, no, Zoran was very much a masculine energy, he was male.

Since then I have been continually developing my connection with him, that has also provided some other perks, like being able to talk to souls who have already passed over. That said, I am still human, and I still have human flaws, I procrastinate and put things off, and maybe don't listen as often or as deeply as I should. However to recognise this, is all that is needed for correction. With daily practice this connection can be intensified and focused. As it can for everyone.

I have started to develop products that can assist people in making the connection or in bridging the gap and now host a weekly podcast called Quantum Connection where I share parts of my journey, Zoran's wisdom and from time to time interview people who live and work in 'this space'.

So that is Zoran, that is how he came to be, there will no doubt be more information about Zoran, and certainly his 'givings' here on this site and in the podcast.


By Andrew Hawkes

About the AuthorAndrew-Hawkes

Andrew Hawkes is an Author and Speaker on the topic of Personal Attraction and Spiritual Intuition. He has honed, and Continues to refine his natural ability to connect with source energy and the non-physical. Although Reluctant to call himself a healer, Andrew is well attuned to spirit energy and the different effects it has on people and applies a workshop type approach to working through any blockages, or energies, that may be present..

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