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0:38 Why do people have the Midas Touch?
1:08 By Your Intention
1:50 Great News!!
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2:30 Judge Not!
3:01 Be Honest.
Hey guys, in this video we’re going to show you the path that you an get on, to manifest anything it is you want in life.

G’day guys, Andrew Goldan Hawkes here, of course Guide on Quantum Connection, Author of Rivers of Gold; How to create multiple income streams, and today I’m coming at you with a little bit more of Karma, of course we spoke last week about that in our podcast if you haven’t seen that yet, or listened to that yet, there is a link below the video here, so certainly go check it out if you haven’t already, subscribe to the podcast, rate it review it, that would be absolutely awesome, but guys today, have you ever wondered why some people seemingly have the midas touch, everything that they touch just turns to Gold?

They tend to be Johnny on the spot for everything that ever occurs in their life and they always get it right? Seemingly, right.

You may not understand it, but it actually has a lot to do with the Karma that they put out to the universe, a lot to do with the thoughts they have a on a daily basis, consistently, in fact it has everything to do with that.

It occurs, as I said, by the thoughts you put out to the universe.By the intention that you put out, that you receive or don’t receive. Whether you go and do something with the expectation of getting something back in return, or whether you do it with no expectation at all. It all plays a very, very, very big part.

What if there was a way, that you could predict, what ever it is that you want to happen in life? So you knew exactly what was coming, when it was coming and why?
What if there was a way that you could create greatness in your life everyday? So that everything you did, had this massive impact. Not only on yourself, but on your family, on the external environment around you, your community, and what if there was a way that you could create a life on purpose?

Well, Ladies and Gents, there is, and it is incredibly simple. Incredibly simple. So simple in fact that you may well dismiss what I’m about to tell you. Cause I’m going to give you three strategies right now that will definitely get you on the path to having anything that you want, manifest in your life, really, really simple,

first one;
Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. Always get present and go… hmm, is this going in the right direction? Is this the way that I would want to be treated, the way that I am speaking to someone right now, is this the way that I would want to be treated? Ok? And we’re all guilty of not doing it, alright. But thats the thing, we can get present, and we can reset at any time. So why not do it?

Second one;
Judge not lest yet be judged. Do not judge other people on their journey, do not judge other people for their actions. And again, this is something that we’re probably all guilty of, we see somebody in the mall and go “OMG Check out that… “ Don’t do it!

Just don’t judge, don’t even judge yourself, in fact, definitely don’t judge yourself. Sometimes you do actions that you might not necessarily be proud of, you’ve done it in the moment, you’ve done it with the tools you have available to you at the time.

OK, Last one, really, really simple;

Tell the truth. Pretty simple one right?
Here’s the kicker, be brutally honest with yourself, now I don’t mean beat yourself up, but don’t tell yourself little lies like, “oh that last little bit of cake won’t matter” or “I’ll get up and go to the gym tomorrow cause I didn’t go today”. Be honest with yourself day in day out.

So three things, Treat others as you want to be treated, Don’t judge other people and tell the truth.

Ladies and Gents, this has been Andrew Goldan Hawkes here, leave a comment below the video, below the blog post, check out the podcast on Karma, have a great day guys, take care.

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