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5 Questions to Move Forward With Power [VIDEO]

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G’day Andrew Hawkes coming to you here from my home office the gold coast of australia little bit casual this afternoon, it IS the end of the week, I am looking forward to catching up with Family Friends and just really having a good time.

I wanted to get this out to you before the weekend and have it impact you the way that it’s impacted me and its five really simple questions that you can ask yourself to move forward, pretty much for anything that’s going on right now.

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Insights for Living an Inspired Life

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Inspired by the Holstee Manifesto and knowing how powerful a visual representation of what you often say to yourself is, I created ''The Sarand Manifesto' which are a collection of thoughts and ideas that have served me well since 2005 when I left the military. Why sarand? Simple really, my wife is Sarah and I am Andrew, hence Sarand.

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I’m fat? You’re ugly, at least I can lose weight?

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With an ever growing obesity epidemic is it now time to start to regulate food? I am all for freedom of choice and fully believe that people, should,  and ought to be able, to make the choice for themselves as to what they eat, and also that they should be responsible for the health they are in. Yet in the society that we live, one of 'it's not my fault' and 'I will sue you for the fact that I spilled hot coffee in my lap', it seems that there is no end in sight to the madness and the fact that society is OK with people who wish to play the victim their whole life as it is easier to blame someone else than it is to realise that you create your own reality with your actions or inaction's.

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Fakers and Shakers – Where the Heck has Andrew Hawkes Been?

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GOOMG, WTF have I been?

Hey Guys Andrew Hawkes here and from the looks of the cobwebs around the place here it is easy to see that this little piece of online real estate has been neglected for a little while.

Far out, "its been 5 months since my last confession!"

That is really how I feel, you know when you feel bad because you said you would do something and you didn't and you let someone down? That is kinda how I feel right now....

But not really, because the leave of absence has been well worth it. Its funny I have been thinking that I needed to get back here and let people know what it is that I am up too, and a post from a good friend of mine spurred me into doing just that,  Natale Louise wrote in 'The Hiatus That Changed Everything for Me'

Don’t get me wrong I have been working on many things in the background here, mainly on myself, no products but many ideas for how I want to take my brand forward online.

And that has most certainly been the case with me, so where the heck has Andrew Hawkes been?

Well those of you who know me will know that I pretty much willing to try my hand at everything, and if you read many of the post on this Weblog you will be able to find out exactly what I am talking about.

I have to say that the last three years have been the hardest for me financially of my life, and of course you can read more about that in my series Andrew Hawkes Gets Frank. Being the person that I am I understand that everything happens for a higher purpose and there is a lesson in most everything that happens in our lives, given that and the reflection over that time it came to me.

"There is obviously a lesson I am missing, what the hell is it?"

I traced my fortunes back to the first time I started making A LOT of money (not that this is the main factor here, the lesson is bigger than that) and then I looked at what it was that I was doing differently then to what I am doing now. There was ONE thing that was BLINDINGLY obvious... Well at least it was when I started LOOKING for it. Now we could go into a whole discussion about quantum physics and meta physics here, however that is not the topic, so we will leave that for another day.

In a car, when it breaks down, there is generally a cause, and you must do a fault diagnosis to determine what that fault is and rectify it, in other words when something was working, and now it seemingly is not, then you must trace back to where it was and stopped to determine what is wrong.

So I did a little 'fault finding' on my life, (NOTE I was not looking for faults, I was looking for when it was last working the way I wanted it too.)

OK So here is a list of things I was doing when I was making money;

  • Reading, good quality books for the mind
  • engaging people and looking for ways to help them
  • looking inside myself for answers
  • relying on ME

All of those things (and that really is just a snippet) allowed me to BE that person who would have great results and achieve the level of income I desired.

Now compare that to what I had been doing for the last two years;

  • Sitting on the Couch watching TV
  • Staying at home and meeting NO one
  • Looking outside for assistance of others to pick me up
  • Forgetting that I am so Powerful

You can see that there is a striking difference.

I finally realised that pushing products that I didn't really 'get' or was otherwise not emotionally involved with, or more to the point reliing on other people to 'Get it too' before I got paid was not serving me at all, I realised that after all of the personal development trainings and the things that I had done that I wasn't at all being true to what I wanted in life, and that was to be of service and to build a solid company with products that people are using everyday and that people are really looking for.

So since rediscovering this, I have made massive inroads to what is fast becoming a viable and profitable business, and I have never been happier feel free to check out the products and services on offer at Goin On Group's company website

So really that is it, this is where I am at, 2011 is alreday huge and it is only getting bigger, I love life, I love my family, and in just over 8 weeks I am going to be a father all over again. It doesn't get much better.

Namaste to all!

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One Variable, Andrew Hawkes pt4

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Hey out there in cyber space Andrew Hawkes here,

lets see if today I can wrap up this story of mine.

If you have not read the first installments you can do that;

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You know there is a quote that I believe holds a lot of answers and that is this "We see the world not as it is, but as we are" The reason I say this is because I was really kidding myself if I thought that moving was going to magically sort all of our issues out, and I guess deep down I knew that. There was of course more than one reason to move, and part of it was in fact to escape the negativity that was ever present where we were living. Albert Enstien said it well when he said "The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them." Yet here I was thinking that all I needed to do was move. What a schmuck! No if I was going to truly sort the issues out I was going to have to change my level of thinking.

So during this time I had gotten started with a number of Home Business, and there, as I said was really plenty of opportunities to choose from. All with varying levels of investment. I was committed to (and to this day am still) ensuring that the creditors are compensated for their loss. (you see even though the debt is effectively wiped clean with a Bankruptcy you can still pay it back, its just who I am). The sad part about all of this, was that I was yet to realise that I had not yet changed the way I was. So there was now a pattern starting to emerge, and the one variable was me. We started to get behind in our bills again, only this time in Australia. So any money I did make with the home business that I was actually working at was going towards catching ourselves up once again. It was a perpetual cycle of get behind, make some money, get caught up, get behind, make some money, get caught up. It really was just like working a job... and that started to take its toll on me. I slipped into a pit of darkness, and this is where the real damage started to occur.

Funny things happen to people when things are not quite right. The little things that we have always been so good at seem a little harder, we start to doubt our own ability, we begin to be cynical and resentful. The stupid part is that you yourself (I mean the person who is doubting etc...) are the only one who sees or thinks this. Everybody else see's you as the capable person you are. You are most certainly your own worst enemy in that situation.

So we didn't have a lot of money, yet I always held on the the belief that it was just around the corner (if you know anything about NLP or personal development you will know how stupid that is, its like tomorrow never comes), however due to the fact that I held this belief I didn't go out and get myself a job like normal people would (then I have never claimed to be normal). What I did have was time. It is true that we are all given the same 24 hours in day, and it is true that a lot of people spend their time doing any number of things, what I did was I chose to invest my time. I have lost track of the times that my wife has told me that she is going to lock my office door so I come out to the lounge. (I have found that great balance now of course). So what did I invest my time in? Well I was now an online businessman so I invested my time in learning things like HTML Code and the inner workings of SEO, teaching myself how to build websites and do graphic design. I learned a truck load of information about how a computer works, I mean like the inner workings, I had no money to pay anyone to do it, if I didn't do it, then there was never going to be cash flow come in.

It is safe to say that I was changing the way in which I saw the world, it was no longer about getting ahead and making money, lets face it, making money is EASY, I had already proved that to myself and to my family. My issue came as I didn't know how to keep it. And the biggest factor to this was how I saw the world, in other words how I saw myself.

Having always been the outcast in school and never really fitting in, at the end of the day it came down to a matter of me not truly believing that I was worthy of the money,or that happiness. Thankfully the past does not dictate the future, and the fact is that I can BE DO and HAVE anything that I truly desire, no one said it would come easy.

So by now I am looking at the world in a totally different light, and it is all because I have change the way I am. You see the truth is that I never lost any of my ability, I did misplace my belief for a little while, however my skills and my (ever expanding) knowledge were always there, only when I was able to look from a place of total gratitude was I able to see it. So here today there are a  few people that I would like to acknowledge for their support, this is support that came fiscally as well as emotionally.

They are, in no particular order;

Heidi Gray and Stephen Gagie, Kaz Spence, Justin and Sharyn Hawkes,  John and Melanie Kaczon, John and Shannon Lavenia, Natalie Meyle, and Ted Hooper.

Your kindness and support will never be forgotten.

So many people say, and no doubt will continue too that Andrew Hawkes lied, cheated and scammed people out of money. They will say that I ran away to avoid paying anything back. You know what? I have no control over what they say, what I do have control over is my actions. Actions speak louder than words, and so long as I act with integrity towards my obligations then I am OK with that.

I know that regardless of what others think, it is always going to come down to me. They can blame me all they like, at the end of the day they are responsible for the stuff in their life. If they want to simmer and stew, good luck to them, all that will succeed in doing is expending energy without result. In the eyes of the law, I owe nothing and am free to get on with my life. Which is what I have done.

So this is me, this is Andrew Hawkes, this is the good the bad and the ugly of the last 4 years. And as I have said here in the post, the past more certainly does not dictate or equal the future. I am just like every body else, working toward and better future for myself and my family.

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Bankruptcy V’s Suicide Andrew Hawkes gets Frank pt3

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G'day Folks, Andrew Hawkes back here again with part three of my getting frank story.

Now in case you are just joining the story then you may want to bring your self up to speed with the first two posts, All I can do is Just be Me, Andrew Hawkes gets frank about his life pt1 and Your Failures are Sometimes your Biggest Assets, Andrew Hawkes gets frank pt2. That will bring you up to speed as to where this story has come from... will it finish today? Maybe, we'll have to wait and see.

So picking up where I left off... we were where we were from the decisions we had made.We really were in a world of hurt, no income, no business's, mortgages to pay, leases to service, creditors phoning every 5 minutes making threats and demanding blood, staff, who had been fed lies and utter bullsh*t, all wanting money... money that we no longer had. Again, this was due to decisions we had made. Of course we had, and still have, family members that try and tell us that is was because of this and that, at the end of the day, the buck stopped with us, no one else.

Not wanting to admit defeat, I was determined to carry on, I was searching for that magic bullet, the one thing that was going to solve all of our problems over night, problems that we ourselves created. Funny how that works... we put ourselves in that precarious position trying to avoid it. You see our focus was on getting out of debt, not getting a poor credit rating, not going bankrupt, not going out of business, not losing money, not losing our house's, not losing our cars. Now what is wrong with that, isn't that what most people would focus on? Short answer... YES, it is precisely what they would focus on, which is more than likely what 95% of the population is broke. You see we were focusing on all the things we didn't want. It may seem like I am splitting hairs when I say this, and to a lot of people I may be, yet you always get what you focus on... the mind negates or does not see the negatives, all it sees are the keys, the triggers, it sees debt, credit rating, bankrupt, going out of business, you get my point? Here is the hair splitting part, if we have just changed our inner dialogue slightly we may have been OK. If we had said, we are so happy now that our creditors have been paid. I am sure you can see where that is going right? It effectively says the same thing yet is has such a different meaning psychologically.

So, things as I am sure you can imagine and appreciate were pretty dire. I just want to add a note here, I am not writing this for anyone's sympathy, and I not looking for vindication. What we did and what happened was entirely our doing... I guess what I am highlighting here is that sometimes even with the best intentions that not everything turns out as you might anticipate.

For years I had thought of ways for me to avoid bankruptcy... so in point of fact, I thought myself into it. It is a viable alternative to suicide, bankruptcy laws are in place to protect people, they are there to help people out. There is a lot of stigma attached to people being bankrupt, mostly of course by people that are too scared to try something new because they have some ludicrous belief that the government will actually be able to support them in retirement (that is another topic entirely). However the fact remains, there are the laws in place for a reason. Personally I never wanted to do it... in fact at the time, I had a tremendous life insurance policy, there was no suicide clause (well there was, it was a time frame that had lapsed), I had done the math, all of my debts would be cleared, all of my mortgages would be paid, my new wife would be set for life and would never have to work again. So to say that I didn't contemplate doing exactly that would be a lie... I can't be clearer than that. I do the best I can with the tools that I am given, the same as anybody does. Then I really starting thinking about it, what a cowardly thing to do... how many people would I hurt, if you know me, and some of you who read this will know me very well, I don't like to hurt anyone, regardless of who they are, so to do something that would hurt my own family so deeply was never ever really going to fly in my mind.

In my search to find that magic bullet to fix all my woes, I found a new and exciting world of the Internet, sure I had used it in business for a long time, yet the business I used it for was all offline, if that makes sense. I didn't know about Google Adsense, I didn't know about Affiliate marketing. Yes it is safe to say that I was pretty naive when it came to the potential of the internet.

Now if you have ever searched for money making opportunities online then you know that there are A LOT, and I am sure that you can make money from all of them.  In fact I know quite a few people that have made great money from them. Most will make the promise of riches overnight... of course there is some hard work. And I know people who have made tremendous amounts of money in a very short period of time. So yeah you can make good money. I thought I could see a way to sort all of the problems that I had created out in one foul swoop.

If you have ever watched 'the secret' or had anything to do with personal development you will know that constant negativity is not a healthy environment for creating abundance. So I made a decision (I didn't even consult my wife, although I knew she would be happy), I decided that we were moving to Australia. It would give us the clear air we needed to get back on top of things. It wasn't an easy decision, I was about to leave my family, whom I am very close to, I was about to leave everything that I had ever worked for in New Zealand and just give it up. At the time we still had our mortgages with the bank, and we were still lagging way behind in paying them.

It was time to pull out all the stops....

And for that, looking at this length, you will have to wait until tomorrow to see what happened.

So here again this is Andrew Hawkes signing off and saying that I will see you tomorrow

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