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Spritual intuition is something that each and everyone of us has an access to, sometimes refered to as your ‘gut feeling’ it offers us an access to information that is not available to us through our traditional senses.

Who is Zoran?

Source energy is all around us, it is eternal and ever present. Source energy is what gives life and continues after death. It is what the universe ‘is’. In this source energy is all the knowledge and wisdom of the ‘collective conscious’. Of all that have come before, and all that will come after. All the lessons that have been, or ever will be. Its like google… only deeper.

The Truth About Success

The Truth about Success. Lately I have been doing a lot of contemplating, a lot of getting really quiet and out of my head. I have gone within and listened to my ‘sixth sense’ . I have been receiving some amazing vibrational frequencies that have consistently reassured me that I am finally in alignment with where I am supposed to be.