Master Numbers, What are they?

Andrew-Hawkes-Master-NumbersMaster Numbers, are they really any more special than any other of the 9 numbers we use?

First of all, what are master numbers? Master Numbers are the double-digit numbers, 11, 22, 33, and 44. They are not easy numbers to be blessed with, as people with these numbers in their charts are continually tested to ensure they are operating from the highest level of integrity.

While it is not normal practise to reduce a master number to a single digit, it is very possible, as mentioned in our latest podcast, for someone to operate from the lower vibration of the single digit as opposed to the master number itself. This can be particularly true when working under stress or from a negative space.

Working with master numbers can be dependant on where and how they fit into your chart. If, for example, you have a birth number that is a master number, it refers to how they live day-to-day. If their life path number, it is what they experience along the steps of their life's journey. As a Soul number it represents that which your soul yearns for. As an Outer personality it is how you express yourself to the outside world, how others see you. As your Destiny it is what you are Destined to be.

Master Number 11

My youngest son has the master number of 11, it is said that this means light and that people are drawn to him like a moth to a flame, and that people will be uplifted and inspired. Many people have commented about his 'energy' how there is something different about him, and although he is only four, people are drawn to him, and people can't help but catch some of his zest for life simply by being around him.

As an 11, it is also said that you are to be one of the messengers of the world, a visionary. You act as a guide to many by standing in, and sharing your truth. You follow intuition (as it is strong for you) and live to a high spiritual standard.

This is, of course, a two edge blade however (as with anything right?). If you work from the lower vibration and negative energy, you could be drawn into obsession and dishonesty.

Master Number 22

Through your own hard work and effort you have the ability to build something large and tangible that can stand the test of time. Be it a garden, House or Business empire, it will be lasting and for the good of all. You are the 'Master Builder'.

You tend to have loftier goals than most people and desire to achieve material success. You must learn to work in with circumstances rather than work against them. You must keep your ideals and not be overcome by the lust of power and control or the 'thought' that you could make a lot of money.

This number can also be seen as the bad guy, so there is potential here for you to be seen in either light. You will likely be known for something big, good or bad, is your decision.

Master Number 33

With this number you are highly spiritual. It is a very rare occurence for your numbers to add to create a 33. Known as 'The Master Teacher' you are highly in tune with what is needed in the world, and you have the ability to be the great spiritual leader you were born to be. You generally have no personal agenda, it is all about the other guy, you want to make sure that your fellow-man (woman) have all they need to succeed. You are of pure light and always ensure that you raise the vibration of people you talk with.

You are compassionate and empathetic and truly feel the hurts of the world, you find your balance in the peace and quiet of nature.

Master Number 44

The highest of the master numbers and rare, very, very rare. You have the ability to reach and assist vast quantities of people. You are so attuned in fact, to the basic needs of your fellow human beings that you could easily ascend to some sort of Guru or spokesperson for the needs and feelings of other people.

You are here to make an impact of mammoth proportions, yet you have the power to be destructive, to the point of self destruction. Be wise in the choices you make and who you align with.


By Andrew Hawkes

About the AuthorAndrew-Hawkes

Andrew Hawkes is an Author and Speaker on the topic of Personal Attraction and Spiritual Intuition. He has honed, and Continues to refine his natural ability to connect with source energy and the non-physical. Although Reluctant to call himself a healer, Andrew is well attuned to spirit energy and the different effects it has on people and applies a workshop type approach to working through any blockages, or energies, that may be present..

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