Temporary Numbers, How do they work?

Andrew-Hawkes-NumerologyTemporary numbers… what are they? How do you work them out and do they matter?

As mentioned in the latest Podcast, Numerology, Nature and your Permanent Numbers, through out this week we are going to look at some of the other aspects to Numerology and how it can act as a guide through your journey of life.

Today we are going to look at your temporary numbers how you can work them out and how you can use them to your advantage whilst making plans etc…

What are temporary Numbers?

Essentially our temporary numbers are the cycle of our life, and unlike our permanent numbers that we discussed on the podcast, these numbers change on, daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Knowing an understanding that our lives run in a nine-year cycle is the start of all of this also. Now keep in mind that during the podcast we discussed that we are not automatically born into a One Year in our cycle. Our Life Path Number plays a role in this.
If for example, you have a Life Path Number of 3, you were born into a Three year, meaning that your cycle started on a three.  If you have a Life Path Number of 7, you were born into a Seven year, your cycle started at Seven and so on.

Personal Year

This all plays a part when you begin to work out what year of the cycle you are in currently. To work out where you are right now there is a simple formula to follow.

Add your birthday number and your birth month to the year of your last birthday (the yearly cycle changes on your birthday) e.g If you were born on the 13th of May and your last birthday was in 2015 you would add them together.

13th becomes 4 (reduced to a single figure) + 5  (the month reduced to single figure) + 8 (2015 reduced to single figure)= 17 = 8 (the final figure reduced to a single figure) Meaning that if this was your birthday you would be in an 8 year (this was totally random, how cool).

Once you know this number you can start to establish somewhat of a plan as to how your year should be playing out, what you should be focusing on and how you can best take advantage of it.

As cycles are 'energetic' you can experience a waxing and waning of energies as they cross over. As the period does cross over you can expect a time, a month or so, where there is still residual energy from the previous year while the 'new' cycle year begins to come in.

Personal Month

This is relatively simple to work out also. Essentially all you need to do is to add the month to your current cycle year. e.g if you are in an 8 year, as in the previous example, and wanted to work out what month you were in now (we're in July so we will use that) you would simply add 8+7=15=6 (15 reduced to a single figure) you would be in a 6 month.

It is important to remember that your personal month does not start until the day of your birthday, i.e. if you were born on the 10th of April, your personal month would not start until the 10th of the given month that you were in. Your personal month would run from the 10th through to the 9th of the following month.

Personal Days

Yes, Temporary numbers even go as deep down as days, so you have personal days. Again easy to work out, all you need to do is add the day that it is with the month that it is, and the year your personal year.

So if we use the example from above of an 8 Personal Year and the date today, the 8th, with the number of the month, 7 (July) we get this equation; 8+7+7=22=4. 4 Would be the Personal Day.

So what do they mean, and how do they help?

Each of the numbers 1-9, represent an aspect of how your life could be running during any point of the cycle. I say could as numbers merely provide the map, you can use the information to position yourself to take advantage of what may come, or you could simple ignore it and dismiss it as many do. I can attest that when you use the information provided that things can and do, take on a dimension that is somewhat inexplicable, meaning that for me when I listen and use the information I can align myself with the right circumstance, that correlate with the right numbers.

Of course, all of this can be quite useless unless you know what the numbers represent. I will write a full post of what the numbers all mean, they are all together too large to include in this post, suffice to say I can give you the general meaning of each, keep posted for a more in-depth overview of them.

General Meaning of Numbers 1-9


1. New beginnings, a chance to start fresh.

This is a new energy, you have just come off completion of another task and now you have the space to create something new. This is an exciting time, it is the sowing time.

2. Harmony and Consolidation

You now being to collaborate with others and think of others needs too. Working with others can bring out the best in your new beginning.

3. Creativity and Self Expression

You now really start to define yourself from the others, there is an energy about now that works well for you. It is a 'lucky' time. It is a good time for social connections.

4. Practicality, Building on Foundations (from 1)

This is a time where you are able to build further on what you have done. You may now start to see some of the returns (monetary) from your new start (in your 1 year) be careful however that you do not over indulge and create dept. You could possibly now look at land or property.

5. Change, Travel, Freedom and Communications.

This is a time where you may seem restless, take on a new class, learn something new. You may travel, experiences that bring change are the most important at this time.

6. Home, Family, Love & Beauty

This is a time of relationships and family. There may be new relationships, or you could be saying good-bye to old ones that no longer serve. However it is all with love and reverence when in harmony with this number.

7. Rest, Work on Self, Reflection

You may be more tired than usual, this is a good time for a holiday, don't sweet the small stuff, it all seems to take care of itself. Listen to your inner voice, you are highly intuitive during this time if you listen.

8. Money, Responsiblity & Balance

If you have handled your cycle right, this is the time where you will reap what you sowed in your 1 year, this is where the money comes. This is a two edge sword however, as it can also have the opposite effect and you can lose, be mindful of your choices.

9. Completion and Transition

Time to let go here, this is the point where you clear your last nine years, you are about to move into a new cycle. Clean out what no longer serves, people will leave your life, you may relocate. Tie up all loose ends.



By Andrew Hawkes

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Andrew Hawkes is an Author and Speaker on the topic of Personal Attraction and Spiritual Intuition. He has honed, and Continues to refine his natural ability to connect with source energy and the non-physical. Although Reluctant to call himself a healer, Andrew is well attuned to spirit energy and the different effects it has on people and applies a workshop type approach to working through any blockages, or energies, that may be present..

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