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Leveraging your Network to Generate Traffic

Are you doing it? Can you honestly say that you ‘help your fellow man’ with his or her blog? Are you reciprocating? It’s a little known fact (although that is slowly changing) that when you help someone you help yourself. There are a few people that have cottoned on to the fact that by syndicating […]

Hello from Sunny Byron Bay

 It’s funny how things work out right? It is almost two years since my wife and I were married here in Byron bay, which is obviously where I am writing this post from, great little cafe called ‘Why Not?’ We came here the day after our wedding for a breakfast for pretty much everyone who came! […]

A Quick Tip for SEO

It frustrates the heck outta me! Maybe it is my OCD coming to bare, yet I just find that I have to say something about this because there seem to be a lot of people (including seasoned marketers) that just don’t get this or if they do they just don’t care… and they SHOULD! I […]

Article or Post Ideas… Where to get them…

OK so that was and still is useful information… however how do you get your blog noticed? Talk about a trending topic so here in this clip I show you two really simple and easy ways in which you can do just that… so enjoy the clip.