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Big Shoes to Fill…

Hello out there in cyber-land, it has been a few weeks since my last confession…. Wait, I am not a catholic… therefore I don’t actually do confessions right? Ah well, since my last rambling. So I have been doing some thinking, about life, about how things are, and about the books that I have read […]

Where do you find the strength to carry on?

Hello out there, I trust this will find you all safe and well… and if it doesn’t… ask yourself a question, ‘How did I (meaning yourself) create this?’ Because when you can answer that honestly and without aggravation towards me for suggesting that you some how created what ever situation you found yourself in right […]

Hello from Sunny Byron Bay

 It’s funny how things work out right? It is almost two years since my wife and I were married here in Byron bay, which is obviously where I am writing this post from, great little cafe called ‘Why Not?’ We came here the day after our wedding for a breakfast for pretty much everyone who came! […]