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Bankruptcy V’s Suicide Andrew Hawkes gets Frank pt3

G’day Folks, Andrew Hawkes back here again with part three of my getting frank story. Now in case you are just joining the story then you may want to bring your self up to speed with the first two posts, All I can do is Just be Me, Andrew Hawkes gets frank about his life […]

Finally..THE Solution to ALL of your Problems

So here it is the last solution that you are ever going to have to search for, this solution is so big so amazing that you are going to wonder where the heck it has been your whole life and once you understand this solution you will never ever be at the mercy of anyone, […]

Effective Marketing

I heard once that any publicity is good publicity… so on that guise it all works, however wouldn’t you rather invest your time where you are going to get the maximum return for your effort?