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Do Your Customers leave Without Paying?

Do your customers leave without paying you? What I mean here is this; Are your customers who are ready to pay you right now leaving due to your staff not being able to think outside of a polices and procedures manual? I was ready to spend money with a certain vendor today, it was obvious […]

It’s Never about the time, it’s Never about the Money

time and money

Hey out there in Cyber-land and the real world too, sometimes it is hard to decipher where the real world ends and the online one begins… This is more than likely because the online world is becoming more and more a part of our everyday life, it is part of our everyday existence, hell even […]

Fakers and Shakers – Where the Heck has Andrew Hawkes Been?

I traced my fortunes back to the first time I started making A LOT of money (not that this is the main factor here, the lesson is bigger than that) and then I looked at what it was that I was doing differently then to what I am doing now. There was ONE thing that was BLINDINGLY obvious…