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Timeline for Facebook Fanpages

Timeline for Facebook Fanpages OK, I am jumping on the bandwagon here… The announcement this morning that Facebook would launch timeline for pages has sent 1000s of people into a panic. Some of the feedback coming through thus far has been interesting to say the least. I have read a number of articles on it […]

Carbon Tax…. will it really work?

So I was watching the circus last night… sorry I mean channel 10’s coverage of the Carbon tax… how it had the importance to be breaking news type stuff is beyond me… I mean it is not like the government actually listens to the constituents, or for that matter holds it promises. If that were […]

Leveraging your Network to Generate Traffic

Are you doing it? Can you honestly say that you ‘help your fellow man’ with his or her blog? Are you reciprocating? It’s a little known fact (although that is slowly changing) that when you help someone you help yourself. There are a few people that have cottoned on to the fact that by syndicating […]

Finally..THE Solution to ALL of your Problems

So here it is the last solution that you are ever going to have to search for, this solution is so big so amazing that you are going to wonder where the heck it has been your whole life and once you understand this solution you will never ever be at the mercy of anyone, […]

Article or Post Ideas… Where to get them…

OK so that was and still is useful information… however how do you get your blog noticed? Talk about a trending topic so here in this clip I show you two really simple and easy ways in which you can do just that… so enjoy the clip.