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Personal Power, Complaining and Getting Shit DONE

Episode Twelve, this week we talk about personal power and getting shit done, it’s a little different to how things have normally been done, this week I through away the script, there were no bullet points, this is all from the cuff, and it raw, there are some expletives here, however the content is good […]

Music, How it Effects Our Memory

Welcome to the Eleventh episode of Quantum Connection. Today we are going to look at something that is very dear to me, Music. It has the ability to bridge language barriers, to shift and alter state in an instant and the ability to have us recall information from deep within our unconscious minds. What is it about […]

Numerology, What are your Permanent Numbers and How the help

Welcome to the Tenth episode of Quantum Connection, in this episode we look at how to work out your permanent numbers in your numerological charts, what they mean and how you can use to them to your advantage in life

What is Karma and Dharma, should I be worried?

Welcome to the ninth episode of Quantum Connection, in this episode we have a look at what Karma is, what it isn’t, how it effects your everyday life, what Dharma is and how you can live by it and if at all this has anything to do with any past lives. Enjoy the show.

Rach Wilson, Flow Dreaming, Theta Healing and Expression of Love

Welcome to the Eighth episode of Quantum Connection, in this episode we have a chat with the beautiful Rach Wilson from CrisisToCruisin.com we have a candid chat about the expression of love, what it means to lose someone and how you might heal from that

Introduction to Body Chakras, How to tell if they are open or blocked

Welcome to episode seven of Quantum Connection, in this episode we take a brief introduction in the world of Body Chakras the effect they have on our everyday life, how you can tell right away if they are open or blocked, and a really simply exercise that you are able to do to open them in they are.

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